Our Story

Since 1957, The Rackley Group has provided auto owners insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, life insurance and more for all general insurance needs. 

Our Family Tree
Our two locations in Gainsville, MO and Mountain Home, AR, each have a family tree that reaches back into the early part of the last century. If you look back far enough, you'll see that we have enjoyed serving you for over 100 years. With our stable and growing business, you can trust our insurance agency for all your insurance needs. In 2011, our two family trees joined together to become one, The Rackley Insurance Group.

Our Logo
Our logo found at the very top of our website, symbolizes strength and faith. We acknowledge that all we have comes from our great Lord above, this is why the cross shaped tree includes a star. The 13 tree leaves represent Jesus Christ and His 12 apostles, including the one fallen apostle. The shepherd's crook reminds us that our mission here at The Rackley Group is to provide guidance and protection for your peace of mind.

The Bainswest Group
When it comes to your insurance protection, strength is a function of size. With our inclusion in the Bainswest Group, we are part of an insurance agency cluster recognized as one of the best and largest in the country. We've been listed in the Insurance Journal magazine Top 100 Agencies for many years. This magazine also recognized us as one of the Top 20 Agency Partnerships in the United States. The benefit of this size to our clients is access to insurance carriers and products not normally found in smaller communities like ours. For more information about the Bainswest Group, visit

We enjoy helping our customers with car insurance quotes. Call us today at 870-425-4444 for an auto insurance quote today.