Steven Mallow - Selling Insurance September 08, 2017

Selling Insurance is like Golfing


I’m an avid golfer. I have loved it from my days as a youth. My father and I used to play in what we call the “dusk classic.” Every evening all summer, we would go down to our little nine hole golf course and play until it was dark, always finishing on a par 5 that played toward the lighter western sky. I love the game but golf can be hard. Selling insurance is hard task as well. There may be more similarities than you think.

Golf is not a game of perfect. Dr. Bob Rotella has written a book with that title. If you have ever played you know this to be true. Selling insurance is no different. How was the first call you ever made? I know mine completely lacked confidence, I didn’t know what to say, and what I did say I probably didn’t fully understand. The trifecta! It is hard to craft the perfect sales script but it’s not about being perfect. You just have to make mistakes and work through it, just like in golf.

The game of golf requires immense amounts of practice. There are so many different skills and techniques that are present in a golf swing. We haven’t even started to dive into the fact that there are about a million different ways to hit the same tee shot. Each player sees and executes the shot differently. Selling is that way as well. Some people like to apply a little pressure while others sit back and relax. It doesn’t matter your style, all ways can work. Find the style that best fits your personality. Whatever selling style you choose, just know that it will take a lot of calls and a lot of revisions along the way. Just as “iron sharpens iron,” calls sharpen sales skills.

Every golfer I know has finished a round and felt completely upset about it. If you have any desire to do well at all, this is just part of the game. The disappointment from a bad round that could have put you or your team over the top can wear on you. In sales, this can be a lost opportunity or a lead that slips through the cracks. It’s so easy to get down on yourself. What good does that do you though? As you get into insurance sales just know that there will be tough times but there will always be that one shot that brings you back if you just give it a chance.

Golf and insurance may seem like completely different subjects, but they really do have some similarities. Golf is hard and so is insurance sales. Sometimes rising above the noise can be difficult. I hope this article finds you in a good spot but if it doesn’t maybe it can help you propel through. If you would like to read more about me check out the blog at or look at my Linkedin profile.


-Steven Mallow